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Welcome to the website that should be bookmarked by ALL New York City pistol licensees, and those who are applicants. Although this website is currently under construction, as time goes on we will keep updates of the information that is vital to all NY pistol licensees and applicants.
  • Complete Assistance with CONCEALED HANDGUN LICENSE applications submitted to the Pistol License Division of the New York City Police Department.
  • Legal counsel and representation available concerning "Incident Section" matters.
  • Legal representation for licensees in connection with incidents/suspensions/revocations.
  • Representation at Administrative Hearings at Police Headquarters.
  • Administrative Appeals on denial of all kinds of pistol license applications prepared.
  • Article 78s filed in New York State Supreme Court in the event of denial of license application or revocation following hearing.
  • Appellate filings in Special Proceeding, Article 78s.
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John S. Chambers, Esquire, a former New York City prosecutor, has been practicing law before the New York City Police Department, Pistol License Division, since 1985. Mr. Chambers specializes in all phases of pistol licensing, including Special Proceedings, Article 78s, in State Supreme Court.

Having argued in all levels of New York Court, including the New York Court of Appeals, Mr. Chambers is a highly experienced litigator.

While his practice before the Pistol License Division began in 1985, he did not commence litigation in connection with the denial of a carry license until 1993. During the years 1985-1993, the License Division operated in a fair and reasonable manner-- in those days, there were "standards" by which an applicant could measure his likelihood of success. In his first lawsuit, he represented a gas station owner who was denied a concealed handgun permit due to a claim by the Pistol License Division that 1) he failed to distinguish himself from countless others in every conceivable occupation without the benefit of a concealed handgun permit, and 2) there was another carry permit already issued to his business. Once litigation papers were filed in New York State Supreme Court by Mr. Chambers on behalf of the applicant, the case was settled and the applicant was issued a concealed handgun permit for his business.

Since then, Mr. Chambers has represented hundreds of individuals with pistol license problems, and issues related to application for a pistol license. His reputation and his record speak for themselves.